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Elevate Your Research with Our Unmatched Thesis Writing and Editing Solutions to Amplify the Impact of Your Research. Provides Top-tier Research, Thesis Writing, and Editing Services.
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About Thesis-Edit

Editing & proofreading Service

Thesis-Edit specializes in dissertation proofreading, editing, research paper editing, and formatting services. Our services are specifically designed and carefully tailored to meet the needs of PhD and MS students. Our experienced team has years of experience in editing dissertations across diverse research fields, including social sciences, chemistry, biology, physical sciences, and others. Our editors from various research backgrounds can proficiently edit your document no matter what area of work you come from. Thus, while you focus on the important task of organizing and structuring your thesis, our experts strive to make the final document flawless. With a proven track record, we’ve earned the trust of over 10,000 satisfied customers, boasting an impressive overall approval rating of 4.5/5. Also, we are collaborating partners with 1200 universities and 200 scientific journals, we proudly stand as one of the preeminent and largest editing agencies globally.

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Experienced & Certified

As a certified editing agency, we are home to a team of expert editors with extensive subject knowledge, specializing in dissertations proofreader services. Our commitment to precision and excellence extends to language, presentation, and formatting of every edited document.

Prompt Turnaround

Our dedicated team, specializing in dissertations proofreader services, small journal submissions, and collaboration with publishing houses, comprehends the importance of meeting deadlines. We work closely with you to ensure timely completion of your project. We can deliver your thesis in seven days and research article in one day!

10,000+ Happy Customers

We have already earned the trust of 10,000+ customers. Join our esteemed clientele and experience the quality and reliability that has made us their preferred choice.

1200+ Universities

Our huge team of 1000+ editors have already edited more than 5000+ dissertations belonging to 1200+ different universities globally.

Trusted by 50+ Scientific Societies

Trusted choice of experts in the field. Join the esteemed ranks of 50+ Scientific Societies who rely on for editing services in the realm of academia.

Industrial Partner with 200+ Journals

Proud industrial partner collaborating with 200+ prestigious journals, offering comprehensive editing services for research publications.
How it works

Why Choose

Our native English-speaking scientific editors, specializing in dissertations proofreader services, are fluent in English and expert at logically and succinctly synchronizing the various aspects of a thesis so that the student can concentrate on content rather than minor details. We believe that every chapter of your document, including those tailored for small journal submissions and publishing houses, needs specific editing as well as research experience, and therefore, we bring both together. Our editing will ensure 100% correct grammar, word choice, flow, cohesion, content structure, and clarity.

Scientific research paper proofreading and thesis editing services. Expert academic proofreaders ensure precise and polished manuscripts. Affordable and accurate editorial assistance for your scholarly work.

Standard Delivery

You'll get a redline version of your work that has been thoroughly edited and proofread, as well as specific comments and suggestions from your editor. Within 3+ calendar days of submission, you will receive the redline document (depending on the original length of your document).

Accelerated Delivery

We understand that you have deadlines to meet. If you need your paper back quickly, you can choose the Accelerated Delivery option. You will receive the redline paper within 24 hours after submitting it (depending on the original length of your document).

Our Awards & Certificates

It can be beneficial to have two sets of eyes analyse your manuscript. You'll get a completely edited and proofread manuscript in one redline version with specific comments and suggestions from two Thesis-Edit editors when you use the Dual Editors service.
Our Services

Most Comprehensive and Cost Effective Dissertation Editing

Our Proofreading and Editing Services unlock the potential of our professional writers and editors to write well researched studies in order to produce comprehensive thesis and dissertations for you

You’ll receive a comprehensively edited, proofread and formatted document in a clean as well as a redline version that includes specific comments and suggestions by your editors


With our professional proofreading service, we meticulously review your content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall clarity, ensuring error-free and polished work

Unlock your academic potential with our professional academic writing service. Our experienced writers are dedicated to producing high-quality, well-researched, and original content to help you excel in your academic pursuits

Our editors writers assist you in crafting a well-structured and persuasive research proposal that outlines your research objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes, setting the foundation for your successful research journey

If You Choose To Work With Thesis-Edit,
You Can Be Sure Of The Following:

  • Your editor holds a degree from a top-tier university and has PhD-level editing experience.
  • Your editor has proven experience delivering flawless proofreading services that exceed our clients’ expectations (see our Testimonials section).
  • Your editor’s suggested changes and comments will make sure your document is perfect and ready for submission.
  • Your editor will return your document to you strictly by the deadline—we’re prompt and professional without sacrificing the quality of our proofreading services.
  • Your editor will be happy to clarify or review any questions you might have about his/her suggested changes and comments.
  • Your editor’s No. 1 priority is you—making sure that the redline version you receive is of the highest-possible quality and that you fully understand and are on board with the suggested edits.

Keeping In View Your Needs And Academic Requirements, Our Service Has The Following Unrivalled Features That No Other Company Offers Altogether

  • Our editors are native English speakers with years of editing experience who can proficiently edit your documents in American or British English.
  • Your document will be handled by editors who have the subject, research, and publishing expertise in your field of work.
    Your every single sentence will be edited to make it “well-constructed.”
  • We ensure proper academic style and formatting.
  • We send you clean versions and track changes documents for your review. You will always be surprised to see the track changes document with thousands of revisions.
  • Experts’ comments will also be included.
    We provide various plans and you can always choose the one that fits your needs.
  • Our basic editing plan starts at the world’s most cost-effective rate of 2¢/word only.
  • You can either submit the complete thesis or send us the document chapter by chapter, and our personalized editor will collaborate with you throughout your thesis writing journey.
  • You can hire us for any assistance related to your dissertation, including linguistic editing, subject editing, thesis formatting, appendices writing, tables and figures numbering, or references formatting.
  • You will receive personalized feedback on your document.
    Editing certificate will also be provided.
  • Our 24-hours customer service is always available to assist you.
  • We offer unlimited (free) revisions to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
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Maximize your research impact by publishing in renowned international journals. Our experts ensure your work gets the recognition it deserves. Once your thesis/article is edited by us, we guarantee that it will get published in top-notch journals!

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Our website offers a user-friendly experience with effortless navigation, ensuring easy access to our services.


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Our website is committed to delivering high-quality services that exceed expectations and meet the highest standards

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Why Our Customer Trust Us?

We believe transcribing a PhD thesis while maintaining its original meaning necessitates more than just knowledge and experience; it also requires the skills inherent in PhD thesis editing, which accomplished PhD holders can only provide. Using our PhD thesis editing ensures that you get excellent results. Having an expert who is fluent in English and can edit a PhD thesis can help to place and formalize a long academic and emotional journey. Up until the very end, presenting material with a relevant framework, accuracy, and persuasiveness will ensure excellent results.
Quality is essential

We Know That Quality Is The Most Critical Aspect That Your Academic Success Depends On.

We recognize that the key to success of any publication, is delivering high quality content.
All-in-One Solution
From writing to editing and getting your research published, everything is done by Thesis Edit.
Nonstop Updates
Our professionals will be at your service at every step of the research process. They’ll be updating and editing the research work until it reaches to perfection.
Advanced Tools
We use advanced research writing and editing tools to ensure the quality of content. It includes content editing tools, plagiarism checking tools, AI tools etc.
24/7 Dedicated Support
You can count on us 24/7, as our website has an integrated chatbot where you can enter your query and get responses anytime anywhere.

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Discover what our happy clients have to say about their experience with our outstanding services.