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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few examples:
Quality: We specialize in thesis editing. Every day, our team (all of whom have earned a PhD) reviews, edits, and formats the theses of our students. Our editors and statisticians are not only skilled, but they’ve also gone through a rigorous hiring procedure to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service. A freelance editor can say whatever they want about themselves and their abilities; we’ve professionally trained and evaluated our personnel to ensure they have the skills necessary to maintain the high standards our clients have come to expect.

There will be no missed deadlines: Freelance editors are notorious for missing deadlines or disappearing after being paid. This is frequently due to the fact that freelance editors can only take on a limited number of jobs at a time, and if they become overworked, they may not priorities your order over the orders of other clients. You may rest guaranteed that your deadline will be met if you use a skilled firm. We would simply replace your editor or consultant with another member of our team if they became unwell or were unable to complete the order.

Without a doubt. All of your communications with us, as well as the work we do for you, are completely confidential. If you’d like us to give you our Non-Disclosure Agreement, please let us know.

Depending on the complexity of each order, the turnaround time varies. When we provide you your quote, we’ll tell you exactly how long it will take to complete your purchase. Documents with fewer than 50 pages normally take 5 to 7 business days to edit, whereas full-length theses (over 100 pages) require 7 to 12 business days. We do have expedited services available for a fee.

Free revisions operate in two ways: (1) if there are any residual objective mistakes in the text or formatting, we will update your document at no cost; and (2) if you make small adjustments to your document in response to our suggestions, we will examine and edit them for you at no cost. NOTE: In order for us to make the edits, all changes/new content must be highlighted or tracked so that they are immediately apparent. If you add more than 200 words of content, we will only charge for the extra content at the same level of service as before.

Yes. Our project managers and consultants are always available by phone (including text). A follow-up chat with your editor is included in many of our editing services. Phone consultations can be added to any order for an extra fee if you don’t already have one.

All of them. We’re happy to support you with any and all of the processes, as necessary.

It typically takes 5-7 business days from the time we complete step three until we deliver your results. Prior to completing step three, our process may be more of a conversation as we will need input from you to define your questions, measurement, and data set clearly

We firmly believe that this is the fairest and most precise way to charge for our high-quality editing services.

Charging by the page is often inaccurate and may end up overcharging you, the writer. Page counts can vary wildly because of font size, margin size, the inclusion of charts, graphs, or figures, and other formatting differences. Editors who charge by the hour have room to inflate the amount of time they may—or may not—have spent on your document.

You are free to seek editing help from a third-party resource as long as your paper is your original work, with all information and direct quotations from other sources properly mentioned and attributed. It’s the same as going to the writing centre or tutoring service at your university.

Yes, you must submit payment at the same time that you send us your document.

Standard Delivery

You'll get a redline version of your work that has been thoroughly edited and proofread, as well as specific comments and suggestions from your editor. Within 3+ calendar days of submission, you will receive the redline document (depending on the original length of your document).

Accelerated Delivery

We understand that you have deadlines to meet. If you need your paper back quickly, you can choose the Accelerated Delivery option. You will receive the redline paper within 24 hours after submitting it (depending on the original length of your document).

Our Awards and Certificates

It can be beneficial to have two sets of eyes analyse your manuscript. You'll get a completely edited and proofread manuscript in one redline version with specific comments and suggestions from two Thesis-Edit editors when you use the Dual Editors service.

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